Ropes & Gray isn’t just a place where business support professionals work—it’s a place where they build careers. We see their contributions as critical to the firm’s success, and we invest heavily in their professional development, growth and training. Perhaps most importantly, we’re committed to creating an environment where they feel valued for their unique contributions and perspectives.”

Erica Murphy, Chief Human Resources Officer

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Why Choose Us

At Ropes & Gray, support professionals are trusted advisors who drive our business and help us deliver excellent client service. Whether you’re interested in business development, finance, human resources, IT, marketing communications or one of our other critical support functions, you’ll be joining a firm where your expertise is brought to bear every day, and where collaboration, mutual respect and professional excellence define our culture.

Career Development

We’re committed to creating an environment where business support professionals feel purpose-driven and empowered to reach their fullest potential. To that end, we use an innovative performance management program called Grow Perform Succeed (GPS) that leverages regular check-ins throughout the year to help team members accomplish their professional goals and advance in their roles. 

We also regularly offer a variety of development and training programs, including those focused on managing for success, project management, understanding your and your colleagues’ MBTI personality types, and more. In addition, our mentor program connects support team members across geographies, levels and departments for regular guided discussions on various important topics—career development, networking and fostering innovation, to name a few.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We want Ropes & Gray to be a firm where everyone feels comfortable being themselves, and where everyone is not only welcomed, but valued for their unique contributions. Our business support resource groups—the Multicultural Support Team Network and the LGBTQ Support Team Network—are critical in helping us reach this aim. Both groups are designed to give members with common backgrounds, interests or affiliations a setting in which to connect with other professionals. The groups are also open to allies—those wishing to support diverse groups with which they do not necessarily identify as members.


Well-being is a key area of focus not only for our lawyers, but for our business support team, as well. Our support team members are empowered to bring their best selves to work. In service of this goal, our global well-being program, BeWELL@Ropes&Gray, offers tangible resources, premier education and compassionate support to enhance the emotional (myMind), physical (myHealth) and financial (myWealth) health of our people. The program offers a variety of initiatives, including resiliency training, mindfulness meditations, physical fitness challenges, presentations on planning for retirement and more.

Be Well